About Charlie

Charlie is a dancer, a prancer, a shape-shifting romancer. She is interested in cross-training creativity with many kinds of art and stimulus. Modeling, Photography, Choreography, Drawing, Music Making and more. A couple of years ago she discovered she could combine most of these things in one art form; Dance Film. Sensitive, silly, self taught, and steeped in site specific experimentation, Charlie explores her love of movement through making dance films.

Charlie makes four different kinds of films:

  1. Dance Films
  2. These are videos with dance as the center of the content for the sole purpose of making art.
  3. Reels and Promos
  4. These are videos made for a dancer or dance company to promote their work.
  5. Commercial Dance Films
  6. These videos use dance to support a fashion designer, makeup artist, musician, piece of architecture etc.
  7. Live Documentation
  8. These videos are recordings of live performances for dance company archives.